Before we left the great state of Texas and headed to Utah, we went to Hutchins BBQ as a family.  The meat was juicy and plentiful and Carter couldn’t get enough of their fresh cut fries.  It was fun for us to go out on this little family date together!

Carter is becoming more and more vocal and I think it’s because he gets frustrated that we don’t understand what he’s saying.  He is learning new words every day and I feel like we’re making great progress, but sometimes his cute little babble can turn into not-so-pleasant screams if it takes us a while to figure out what he’s asking for.  Being at Hutchins was no exception to this, but he did great and was willing to try new foods even if it wasn’t the one he was asking for haha.

The Outside | Hutchins BBQ McKinney The Menu | Hutchins BBQ McKinney The Line | Hutchins BBQ McKinney

While we were waiting for some of our food, we kept Carter busy by letting him play with the cup and straw.  He loved taking the straw out of the lid and putting it back in and it cracked me up when he tried to hold the giant cup on his own to take a drink!

We also loved having this IKEA bib with us!  I almost wish we would’ve traveled the world with it.  And I say almost because it could’ve been a bit hard to pack in the limited amount of luggage that we had, but I think it could’ve worked.  Next time I’ll try to pack one in!  I do try to take it with me every time we go out to eat or to eat at someone’s house because it works so well.  And if I have the bib I don’t have to undress Carter to his diaper while he eats.  Depending on what’s to eat he can be a little bit of a messy eater so with this bib he doesn’t get any food on him or in his lap!  One of his favorite things is to realize that he’s dropped some food in the bucket of the bib and then pick it out and eat it haha!

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