A couple weekends ago, Scott and I took Carter to his first every Festival of Colors!!  Scott and I went to this same festival the first year we were married, so 4 years later we just had to bring Carter.  I was a little worried about bringing him because I know how crazy (and hard to breathe) it can get with all the chalk being thrown around, but we decided that we’d just be very careful with him and most likely choose to stay out of the big mosh pit when everyone throws their colors at the same time.  When we got there I was very surprised at how many babies YOUNGER than Carter that were there!  I saw at least 10 different people/families with kids Carter’s age and younger in baby carriers and strollers.  To me, that validated that we’re not crazy.  Or there are just a lot of people who are crazy like us.

Before we went, we decided that we, and a group of friends, would wear white so the colors would stand out.  Little did I realize that I would end up agreeing to wear an old wedding dress alongside a friend!  We thought it would be funny and others might appreciate it, but we got a lot of weird looks as we walked up to the temple and several even commented that they thought we were from a specific religious group that actually dressed that way… So, in the end it was not as good of an idea as we originally thought, but we sure did look hilarious!

DSC07855 DSC07856

We ended up covering our seats and Carter’s carseat with trash bags and tarps, making sure everything was covered and secure since we were borrowing Scott’s dad’s truck.


We made it to temple, said hi to the llamas, wandered around for a bit, got chalk thrown at us, and bought our chalk with just minutes to spare before the organized “throwing of the colors”.  By this point, we realized that Scott’s cape worked great to protect Carter from all of the chalk, so we decided to head down to the mosh pit.

We stayed on the outside of the crowd which was perfect for us because we still had room to move a little and breathe.  Before the countdown we did this silly cheer where the MC said, “What do we want?” and we replied, “WORLD PEACE!”, MC: “How do we get it?”, Us: “SPREAD LOVE!”  It was a little weird, but we joined in for the experience.  We all crouched down as we counted down and then when we got to 1 everyone jumped up and threw their chalk!!  I wasn’t wearing a mask or mouth covering of any kind (definitely noted for the next time) and I got a handful of purple chalk thrown right at my face.  It was not fun.  But, everything else was fun!  I didn’t experience any difficulty breathing when the chalk was thrown, but I think I automatically held my breath or something when we finished the countdown.  We danced and threw chalk for a little bit and then we headed out of the mosh pit.

DSC07892 DSC07898festival-of-colors-small

Carter really loved the llamas, so we headed back to them to let him get out and walk around for a bit.  Poor thing, haha, the colors on him immediately turned brown and he looked like a very old homeless man!  He seemed a little confused, or maybe skeptical, about what was going on the whole time (I think it was mostly because of our friend wearing the gas mask, that freaked him out!), but I think he had a good time!  He said, “Whoa!” and “Wow!” a lot as we walked around and he saw people throwing chalk everywhere.  He enjoyed touching the chalk as well and rubbing it into his hands, but he didn’t get the hang of throwing it at anyone.


Getting home and trying to wash the colors off was a whole different story… The blonde in Carter’s hair was pink for at least 3 days and I had a purple spot on my chest that was stained for a whole week!  And, the most important thing, we’d do it again if we got the opportunity.