As many of you know, last weekend we were able to be a part of Questival 2015 put on by Cotopaxi! Essentially, it’s a 24-hour scavenger hunt where you are given a list of tasks with associating point values and you complete as many as you can within that time limit. We created a team of 5, plus Carter, and spent hours planning out a strategy as soon as the challenge list was released the day before Questival started. We were really excited about our plan to head to southern Utah to complete several of the challenges with high point values, and we really enjoyed ourselves as we did so.

With Questival being a 24-hour event we didn’t get much sleep, and several of our team members didn’t get any sleep at all!  We also chose to complete several hiking/running/biking challenges so the trip was very taxing.  During our driving time we didn’t get much sleep because we were constantly completing smaller challenges and also submitting them via an app.  The app was very frustrating at times because we were in and out of service for a lot of our trip since we were driving through several National Parks.  I don’t know if it was because our internet wasn’t spectacular, but several of our completed tasks that we uploaded to the app didn’t get counted in our final tally. 🙁  In the last 2 hours of the event we started losing steam because while we were trying to upload dozens of completed challenges we noticed that even more of them weren’t submitted any more.  Despite all of those problems, no one got hurt, we were kept safe while driving, and we really had a blast!

We posted a few photos of us completing some challenges, but we really did some hilarious stuff so we’ll share some more!  I do apologize, they are not in any order but there are captions.  And thanks again to everyone for helping us out on our social media challenges by liking our photos!

We’ll start with some videos: