Since we did our best to avoid winter while we were traveling, I was very excited when I woke up to snow in Texas the other day!  I missed the cold weather around the holiday seasons so I felt like this light blanket of snow the other day was meant just for me.  And Carter of course!  This was his first time ever playing in snow!


The day we arrive in Texas was 75 degrees and I was happy to be greeted by the warm weather–mostly because we had zero clothing for cold weather!  We’ve been able to unpack a bag of clothes to find coats and scarves for Scott and I, and we’ve made a few thrift store shops for Carter’s winter gear, so we’re adjusting just fine.

This hat was a gift from some Kiwi friends in we met in Australia!  We're glad we've been able to put it to good use.

This hat was a gift from some Kiwi friends in we met in Australia! We’re glad we’ve been able to put it to good use.

Seriously though, the snow!  The flakes were big and beautiful and fluffy and they made me giddy.  Carter was very excited to go outside because we had been essentially locked up for two days because everything was iced over.  He walked right to the edge of the front porch and stuck his little arms out to touch the snow as it fell.



Yes, he is wearing crocs in the snow… I understand it’s not a great winter shoe, but it’s all we had! And what I lacked in sturdy winter footwear I made up for with these super intense gloves!


He loved walking through the snow and I loved seeing his little footprints that trailed behind him.  Unfortunately he walked right into a puddle of water and ice while I was taking a photo (bad mom moment!) and it resulted in some very high pitched screams.  I ran him inside and we took off his socks and shoes to warm his toes by the fire.  Even though the poor little guy seemed a little bit traumatized by how cold his toes got, we still had fun in the snow for a few minutes!  And, lucky for us, it all melted by the afternoon and it ended up being sunny and over 50 degrees so we spent some time at the park.